Sample submission

Customers within the TAMU system

For users within Texas A&M, an online submission system for small molecule and protein samples is now available. Please use your TAMU Google account to submit the analysis request.


The amount of material submitted per sample should not exceed 10 mg for solids and 200 ┬Ál for liquids. Following submission of the online form, you will receive a confirmation email containing your reference number. Ensure that the sample container is clearly labelled with the reference number provided (sample ID for protein samples). If you are submitting more than one sample per form, identify each sample with a proper sample ID. Upon submission of the online form, samples should be deposited in the designated drop-off box outside the Facility (Room 41). Submitted samples will not be returned unless requested (an option to do so is available within the submission form).

External customers

Submission of samples by customers outside of the TAMU system still operates using the old paper forms (available here). Please print, fill in, attach your sample and deliver both to the Facility.